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We’re a wife and husband team of artists

creating abstract acrylic paintings

and crafts in the central Massachusetts area.

When we create art together, it is as if

we are dancing. Frequently, we do!

Nancy and Sean are happy to answer

questions about our process for other artists or anyone curious about becoming one. Send us an email if you have a question for us to answer at or find us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube!


Nancy has been creating crafts her whole life, and has always had a passion for color and creativity. She went to school for art at Ma's College of Crafts in Everett, MA.

Sean has been drawing, painting and creating his whole life, going to school at Tri County Reg VoTech in Franklin, MA and Portland School of Art (Maine College of Art) in Portland, ME.



We use acrylic paints (Artist's Loft, FolkArt, DecoArt, Craftsmart) mixed with Flood Floetrol, and some water to create fluid art. We pour our recipe onto laminate shelves, picture frames, letter shapes, and Artist's Loft stretched canvases sized anywhere from 5 x 7 inches up to our largest work yet, 36 x 108 inches! That's enormous!

When the paint covers the canvas, we use tools, our breath or our hands to move it around, being careful that the paints don't mix together too much (you don't want a lovely purple and green mix to turn into a sludgy brown!).

When the paint is dry, we cover the paintings with multiple layers of Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Gloss Clear or Alumilite Clear Cast Resin to turn up the contrast on the colors and protect the piece from UV light damage.

Press Clippings

In August 2022, we were featured artists in Worcester Pulse Magazine.

In 2023, we were on the front page of the Gardner News.

In 2024, we were again on the front page of the Gardner News!

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